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This may be the answer you have been looking for to unlock the key to better performance from your equine athlete!

Equine Sports Massage Therapy has been shown to improve your horse's performance by 20% or more.

So in other words, this may help your horse take that fraction of time off of the clock or maybe help you get the edge in the show ring you were looking for.

Maybe your horse is showing you some of the many tell-tale signs that indicates the need for an Equine Sports Massage.  Some, but not all, of the signals are: Resisting/Refusing leads, shortened strides, on/off lameness, not flexing well one direction or both directions, cinchy, head tossing, back tenderness, or maybe he just seems "off" for some reason.

Many people don't realize that our horses are very much alike the human athlete.  Human athletes routinely use Sports Massage Therapists to aid in the defense against the wear and tear on their muscle groups.  They know that you must provide the proper care to the many muscle groups of the body to keep them in peak condition.  It is up to us to provide that much needed maintanance for our horses.  We expect a lot out of our horses every time we enter the arena, therefore, we should repay them with the adequate care that is available for them.

I travel to many of the barrel races in the area.  Simply call to find out my availability at the shows!
I am available for barn calls and/or other events in MN, IA, and WI. 
Informational clinics available on ESMT

I can do several different package deals, depending on your needs and the number of services.
Call me for more information, I will be happy to help!
(507)265-3301 or (507)402-1007 

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